ACROSSCHECK®™ is a word-forming and combining game, for two to four players (or teams of players) aged eight years and older; although a single player can play ‘solitaire’ to better their own score.
ACROSSCHECK®™ is suitable for adults, teenagers, children [they may need a little help on spelling and score-keeping from adults], rehab clients re-learning language skills, language students, crossword aficionados, chess players, whole families and others.

How does it work?
Players can ideally choose any word they like to play onto the Board. Scope is almost limitless, and so rather daunting – depending on the number of letters left in the Bank Rack and the vocabulary of the Players. The chosen word  is formed from between 1 and 8 letters  selected, by the player whose turn it is to play, from the single Bank Rack , which holds all the letters to be played during the game. This loaded Bank Rack is passed around to each player in turn. Note Players do not hold any letters for  future word choices – the players only play with letters selected directly from  the Bank Rack during their turn, and which letters form a word.

All the Letters are assigned particular ‘Face-value’ points, which`are summed to determine the basic ‘Cost’ for that word. While a child might choose ‘CAT’ [Cost: 4+2+2=8] an aficionado could play ‘QUIZZIFY’ [Cost:10+4+3+10+10+3+5+5=50].

The object of the game is to accumulate more points than your
opponent(s). A winning strategy is to realise more points, than the basic ‘Cost’ of your word. This is termed your ‘Surplus’. Surpluses are realised principally by planning to cover as many of the Premium Squares that can be reached before your opponent.
Surpluses can be realised by multiplying the ‘Face-values’ of the
letters of your words, by the value displayed on the respective
Premium Square’, and subtracting the ‘Cost’. The Premium
Square values range from 2 to 5.
A ‘Surplus’ can also be realised by adding one or more letters to another word, already played onto the Board, so as to form a new word.

The following is a downloadable/printable version of the ACROSSCHECK™ rules.