A quick overview of ACROSSCHECK™

ACROSSCHECK™ is a word forming and combining game invented to avoid the Luck-of-the-draw letter selection.

You are free to choose any word (up to 8 letters) you like, to combine with words already played, and release the scoring potential of your words by unlocking the Premium Factors (2 to 5) held in the Premium Squares.

The object of the game is to accumulate more points than your opponents. Points are realised by covering a premium square with a letter from the word.

Who is ACROSSCHECK™ for?

For two to four players aged eight years and older. A single player can also play “solitaire” with the aim of trying to beat their own score.

Ranging from children [with a little help on spelling and score-keeping from elders,] to rehab clients relearning language skills, to language students, to crossword aficionados, chess players, whole families and others.


ACROSSCHECK™ Designed to completely eliminate luck and reward vocabulary skill. The word [and hence the letters] are chosen by the player, not randomly. The players form, with up to 8 tiles, interlocking words, crossword style, on the playing board.

The letters are assigned face value points The board also has numerous Premium Word Factor Squares. These serve to double triple quadruple or quintuple the total face-value of any word that covers any of the premium squares. No unplayable letters, as only letters which form the chosen word are selected.

As all 134 letters are visible throughout the game, serious players have the opportunity to plan ahead, chess-like.
The game winner is the player with the higher number of points in their accumulated surplus score sheet at the end of the game.

ACROSSCHECK™ is fabricated with cardboard and plywood manufactured from wood harvested from sustainable poplar species of trees. The game box at 19cm x 19cm x 4cm will neatly fit into a book shelf.

No batteries are needed.