2 Letter Words

aa Scots, variant of all
ab variant of AV
ad internet domain name for Andorra
ae Internet domain name for United Arab Emirates; Scots one
ag internet domain name for Antigua and Barbuda
ah exclamation expressing pleasure, pain, sympathy etc
ai 3-toed sloth
al internet domain name for Albania
am a form of “be”
an a form of indefinite article
ar international domain name for Argentina
as while
at indicating location or position
aw Scots variant of all
ax hand tool
ay archaic, poetic ever
ba internet domain name Bosnia & Herzegovina; Rugby-like game
be are, is, was
bi abbr, bisexual
bo exclam., US friendly form of address
by prep. Identifying the agent performing an action
ch abbr. chapter, chestnut coloured horse, church
da determiner- non standard spelling of “THE”
de prefix. forming verbs, down; away
di combining form twice, two, double
do verb (does, doing, did, done) -perform an action
ea abbr.,each
ed abbr. edited by, edition, editor
ee exclamation (northern English form of “oh”)
ef prefix variant spelling of ex-

eh exclam. Used to represent a sound made in speech.
el a shortened form of elevated railway
em also called mutton, mut, the square of body
en half the width of an em ( printing)
er a sound made when hesitating in speech,
es internet domain name for Spain
et internet domain name for Ethiopia
ew abbreviation for Estonia
ex Finance not participating in; former wife, husband
fa music, a variant spelling of fah
Fe chemical symbol for iron
-fy suffix forming verbs to make or become
gi a loose-fitting white suit worn in judo, karate etc.
go to move or proceed
gu internet domain name for Guam
ha exclamation expressing derision, or triumph
he refers to a male person or animal
hi informal word for hello
hm symbol for hectometre
ho an exclamationto attract attention, announce a destination
id mass of primitive instincts in the subconscious
if in case that, or on condition that
in inside
io internet domain name for British Indian Ocean Territory
is a form of the present tense
it refers to a nonhuman, animal, plant or inanimate thing
ja yes (from Afrikaans)
jo Scots word for sweetheart

ka attendant spirit dwelling as a vital force in a person or statue.
ki internet domain name for Kiribati
ky Internet domain name for Cayman Islands
la music – a variant spelling of lah
li Chinese unit of length [= approx. 590 yards]
lo interj. Look! see!
ma informal word for mother
me refers to speaker or writer
mo informal short for moment
mu 12t letter in the Greek alphabet
my of, belonging to, or associated with the speaker or writer
na variant of nae
ne the internet domain name for Niger
no used to express denial, disagreement, refusal
nu 13 th letter in the Greek alphabet
od hypothetical force former
of used with a verbal noun to link it with a following noun
oh exclamation expressive of surprise , pain, pleasure etc
oi a cry used to attract attention
ok an expression of approval, agreement, etc
om internet domain name for Omam
on in contact or connection with the surface of
op abbreviation for out of print, operations, opus, operator
or used to join alternatives.
os anatomy, the technical name for bone
ou Afrikaans slang for a man, bloke or chap
ow exclamation of pain
ox an adult castrated male of any domesticated species of cattle
oy Scot dialect a grandchild

pa informal, father, Maori village
pe 17 th letter of Hebrew alphabet
pi 16 th letter of Greek alphabet, maths ratio of circumf./diameter
po informal chamberpot
qi 22 nd letter of Greek alphabet
re with reference to
sh exclamation requesting silence
si music, a variant of te
so to such an extent
st abbreviation for short ton; internet domain name for Sao Tome
ta informal thanks
te music the syllable used for the seventh note
ti music the syllable used for the seventh note
to indicating the destination of subject or object of an action
ug internet domain name for Uganda
uh representation of sound when hesitating
um representation of sound when hesitating
un one
up movement from lower to higher
us speaker or writer and another or others
ut music syllable used in fixed system of solmization for the note C
we speaker or writer and another or others
wo archaic woe
xi 14 th letter Greek alphabet
xu monetary unit Vietnam
ye archaic , more than one
yo greeting or attracting attention
yu internet domain name for former Yugoslavia

za internet domain name for South Africa
ze a gender-neutral third person singular subjective pronoun
zo Tibetan breed of cattle.